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Fic: Letters Of... (11, 12, & 13/27)

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Letters of…
Chapter: …Want, Pt 1 Wanted (11/27), …Want, Pt 2 Wanton (12/27), …Blessing(13/27)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R, R, PG
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Warnings/Squicks: Beware Mys’ bad writing, excessive use of alliteration, wanton use of the term "Xanpet" (though I’d stake Spike before he actually said it out loud, he and my 3rd person omnipotent think it a lot), character death (but it’s canon stuff, none of my own doing)
Summary: Take a witch, a Spike, a Xander and mix well. Add some angst, some schmoop, some sex, an apocalypse, a wee bit more angst, another helping or two of sex, and a sprinkling of bad humour. Bake for 7-8 months at @96.8 degrees (because some of us have naturally lower body temperatures than the rest of you human weirdos, lol).

Pt 1 Wanted (11/27)

Xander’s warmth coupled with the shear emotional intensity of their kissing was enough to crumble what resolve Spike had left. For once demon, soul, and every fibre of his being agreed- he wanted Xander, desired him with a ferocity that surpassed any mundane concept of need. He had to have Xander, had to touch him, feel his skin against his own, taste every part of him, revel in the luscious smells of him, and imprint every single aspect to memory.
But he could not, would not allow himself to simply take. For this to be genuine Xander had to lead, and Spike knew one thing with certainty- where ever his love lead he would gladly follow.
With remarkable delicacy, Spike gently slid arms taut with raw, feral power around his Xanpet, holding, caressing, attempting to show a fraction of the love he felt.

Eagerly, Xander leaned into the vamp, pulling him closer, running work callused hands over the strong t-shirt clad back. His mind rapidly produced graphic images of the pale skin and muscle under that shirt, causing him to deepen their already passionate kiss as his hands instinctively clawed at cool flesh.
Pulling back slightly, Xander drew quick gasps of air into oxygen deprived lungs, noting with delight his vamp needlessly doing the same. Xander rested his forehead in the crook of Spike’s neck, chocking out through panted breaths, “Bed… naked… now.”
From his vantage point, Xander could see and feel Spike gulp before he spoke. The seemingly innocuous action sent shivers through his hyper-sensitive body.

“Xan? You sure?”

Without looking up, Xander nodded.

Spike moved away, “Xander, Pet… look at me.”

Lust darkened chocolate eyes looked into gold-flecked blue ones, seeing true concern overlaying the myriad of emotions those two orbs expressed. Something in him ached at that look, but it was a good ache- the kind that made you feel alive, the kind you cherished. “Yes, Spike, I’m sure… wanted this, you… so long, need you.”

Somehow amid fervent kissing, caressing, and petting they made it to Xander’s bed, collapsing in a tangle of limbs and desire.

Xander pulled at Spike’s tee, easily freeing it from form fitting jeans. His hands wandered up Spike’s back slowly exposing silken alabaster skin.

Spike leaned back, straddling Xander’s leg, allowing him to whip off his shirt and send it blindly across the room followed closely by Xander’s.

Warm palms pressed to his chest, fingers exploring every dip, every line, every curve. Those same fingers ghosted over sensitive nipples causing Spike to hiss at the sensation. The vamp’s eyes were bleeding into demon-gold when he looked down on the man beneath him. He ran long cool fingers along Xander’s jaw, down his throat, finally teasing the hollow at the junction of collar and breast bones.
Xander’s hands clenched at Spike’s waist, silently begging for their bodies to once again be flush.

Oblidgingly, Spike lay his slighter form over his human causing their groins and nipples to rub sensuously together, eliciting twin moans from both men.
Once again they were kissing, Spike’s hands roaming wantonly over Xander’s body, while his in turn grasped the beautiful ass he’d dreamt of so often grinding their straining erections illicitly together.

“Pants off… please,” Xander breathed into Spike’s mouth.

Smiling wickedly, Spike began the arduous task of nipping and licking his way down Xander’s tanned chest. Stopping to dote on dark succulent nubs of flesh, his attentions drawing gasps and moans of pleasure from his lover.

After what seemed an eternity, Xander felt cool skin and cool air breeze over his suddenly freed cock. He could feel Spike’s cool breath ghost over his tip just before the vamp’s firm tongue darted to his slit, hungrily lapping the pre-cum gathering there.

The taste of his sweet Xander exploded over his tongue and through his body causing orgasmic-like shudders. It was more than he’d ever imagined, a sweet nectar of innocence, purity, and chocolate with a hint of ginger. Spike knew that as a demon if there was a ‘Heaven’ he would likely never see it, but with that one drop of Xander’s essence he also knew Heaven could never compare to even a moment with his treasured human.

Xander let out a needy cry as his hips attempted to jerk upwards involuntarily. Only Spike’s strong grasp kept him from impaling the vampire’s mouth- something Spike had every intention of allowing, just not right yet.

With the exquisite taste of his Pet still lingering in his senses, Spike forced himself back to the task at hand, quickly but gently removing Xander’s pants before turning his attention to his own too tight denims.

Pt 2 Wanton (12/27)

Xander barely noticed the weight lift from the bed when Spike moved, his mind was too busy reeling from that single flick of Spike’s tongue.

When Spike returned, he lay on his side next to Xander, admiring the naked body before him. His eyes caressed Xander’s body from head to toe and back again, settling on red, kiss-swollen lips, begging to to be devoured.

Their lips met, Xander’s hands sliding through too soft white hair. His fingers tightening in those locks with every probe of his palate. Teeth and tongues vied for dominance, both man and vamp eager to examine and map their acquired terrain.
As they slowed the kiss, allowing Xander to breath, he felt his vamp pull away. Looking up through lust laden lids he saw a battle raging between celestial-blue and Mephistophelean-amber.
Tenderly, Xander ran his fingers over Spike’s brow, “It’s okay,” around his eyes, down chiselled cheekbones, “Spike, I’m not afraid,” and back again in a continual loop.

His vamp didn’t say anything, but at least met his gaze- yellow eyes shining from an otherwise human face.

Xander smiled affectionately as he continued his caress and his speech, “I want you. All of you. I want William, who falls asleep with his glasses on when he’s been reading all stretched out on the sofa, who can actually explian the differences between the Shelleys. I want William the Bloody, who has done, seen, and suffered more horrors than I could imagine. And I want Spike, who survived, the phoenix out of the ashes, beautiful and powerful, danger and protector, angel and demon. See, I know who I’m with- please don’t hide from me? I want you.”

Spike was dumbfounded, it was the school basement all over again. And once again, he found himself marvelling at how attentive his boy, the so-called ‘Dounut-boy’, could be, as well as the fact that at some point, Xander had learned how to read him- no one, other than Alyssa, had ever taken such an interest in understanding him. And wasn’t it scary that the thought made the spot in the centre of his chest tingle in a way it hadn’t since he was a child.
In that instant, any lingering doubt he may have had about Xander, about what he felt for the human, about the lengths he’d go to to keep the man happy, safe, and loved were banished.
He dove in for another punishing brilliant kiss, and when his demon tried to emerge he didn’t fight it.

Xander’s heart skipped a beat as he felt Spike’s features transform above him and he smiled brightly into their kiss- Spike, William the Bloody, Master Vampire, his vampire trusted him! Quickly, before he started spurting ‘thank you’s or giggling like a lovesick schoolgirl, he rolled so his larger frame covered Spike’s. Mouths joined, tongues coiling around each other in a maddening imitation of the movements their cocks began to make. They slid against each other, light and dark, cool and hot, matching thrust for thrust, fingers intertwining above their heads, both men giving and taking in equal measure.

Spike heard Xander’s heartbeat become erratic even as his thrusts became more intense. Suddenly, Xander’s wonderful warm mouth was gone, but before he could react words whispered on warm air drifted to him.

“Spike, Beautiful, cum with me.”

With no more of a warning, Spike felt blunt human teeth grip and worry his neck- not quite drawing blood or breaking skin but intense enough none-the-less. Letting out a primal sound somewhere between a wail and a roar he felt the congruent pulse and quiver of their trapped cocks as Xander’s warm release mixed with his cooler one; their bodies rubbing, smearing, and embedding their combined scent into each other’s skin.

…Blessing (13/27)

Xander was understandably nervous when he returned home from work- another letter had been delivered and Spike had told him enough about Alyssa and her letters for it to worry him, especially with how hectic things had been getting. Although he didn’t need Alyssa to tell him something BIG was coming.

Spike had the door open before Xander had reached it, “Everything alright, luv?”

The vamp was rewarded with a smile that lit up the man’s face and possibly the hallway. He waved the letter, “Yeah, unless your Step-Sire brought bad tidings.”

Ah, well that explained his Xanpet’s nervousness. Spike leaned in to kiss Xander and snatched the letter from his willing hand.

“Mmm, do that again.”

“With pleasure, Pet.”

Skillfully, Spike maneuvered them to the sofa as their tongues reacquainted themselves.

As he was eased onto the sofa, Xander felt cool hands slide under his shirt (and gods it felt good). His own hands pulled at Spike’s tight fitting tee, seeking the smooth pale skin they craved to touch.

Remembering that his Xanpet needed to breath, Spike reluctantly disengaged the kiss, burrowing his head into Xander’s shoulder just taking in the scent of his human.

Panting, Xander pulled Spike down ‘til the vamp’s weight was fully on him and ran meaningless patterns over his back. Sighing contently, Xander fought his disire to say ‘I love you.’ It wasn’t that he thought Spike was playing with him, it- them- was all too new and he was waiting for it to blow-up in his face, which reminded him, “So, what’s Step-mom got to say?”

“Dunno, dun’care,” came the muffled reply from lips nipping at Xander’s neck.

Xander snickered, “Of course you do Spike… it’s Alyssa.”

Grudingly, Spike pushed himself up and away from his comfy human mattress and grabbed the fallen letter. Opening it, he was a little surprised by how short it was, but for once he wasn’t surprised by it’s content.
This shall be my final letter for you, William. You no longer need their guidance, and with Alexander you have something more powerful than our bond- cherish him.
I leave you in Alexander’s hands, know they are worthy, William- the most worthy, for they are the hands of love.
Eternally your own,

Spike was practically beaming as he read the letter, even though he mumbled, “Bloody Witch,” repeatedly.
“Think this’s ‘s much for you as me,” he said as he handed the time-worn paper to Xander.


*“Yes, love.”*

*“You mean, he really…”*

*“Look at him, William, and tell me.”*

As Xander read the meager offering, Spike noticed with no small amount of amusement that Xander could turn pale and blush simultaneously.

“Bloody Witch,” he chuckled.

When Xander finished the letter he stared bewildered at his seemingly overjoyed vamp. *He loves me? Me?*

“’s good news innit.”

Still somewhat shocked (afterall, he wasn’t the one with over a century of experience with a dead woman knowing what he was thinking and feeling), he stammered out, “Is it…”*‘cherish’* “…true?” “She means…” *‘bond’* “You…” *‘love’*

Spike was suddenly extremely grateful that vampires couldn’t blush. He lowered his eyes not wanting to meet Xander’s warm chocolate gaze, ran a pale hand through even paler hair, and quirked his lips in an embarrassed smile. *Gods, ‘m acting like some teenaged bint with a crush… stake me now!* Deciding he had to say something or, vamp physiology aside, he was going to die of embarrassment (and damn-it that was supposed to be Xander’s schitck), “Gave us her blessing, now, didn’t she.”
Spike lifted his head to see Xander’s deep soulful eyes smiling at him as he nodded in agreement.
Looking every bit the lecherous predator he could be, Spike pounced.
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