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So, some of you, observant people that you are, may have noticed Mys’ lack of, well, just about everything these past few months. Well, Mys figures you guys deserve to know what’s what.
The Short Version:
Once Streets of London, Arcana, and Night Without Day are finished, cobalt_mystic is leaving fandom. I will still write Spandery goodness when the muses strike, but it will ONLY be posted to this journal- the Mys is no longer participating in comms or seasonals or challenges. *hugs her f-listies, lurkers, and anyone else who actually gives a damn- waves politely at the rest of you*

The Long Version- i.e. The Why:
First of all, let me make it clear that this is NOT because of the psycho flaming woman!
A lot of you know Mys is more than a little shy and as such it takes a lot for her to post and participate, but so many of you have been so supportive it’s become easier (thank you). Unfortunately, that means when something happens, it makes the fall that much harder. Couple that with r/l crisis (like step-childer having to testify against the neighbourhood pedophile), and having someone publicly call you a concept thief is nothing short of devastating. Still, stubborn muses manage to pick themselves up again- angry and disheartened, but still alive and kicking.
When you go out of your way to be nice and supportive of your accuser because a mutual friend informed you the person was threatening to stop writing (and with my history, we all know that’s the last thing Mys wants to happen) only to have that person slap you in the face and generally be a bitch about the olive branch you extended- well, that pretty much kills the muses.
I don’t need to be part of a fandom/group where people old enough to be my mother get their kicks by playing petty pyschodramatical games. I want psychodrama, I’ll play in my other fandoms- at least they are young enough that I expect that kind of behaviour.
It may seem petty to leave because of one person, but when that person has infiltraited those closest to you, you can either leave fandom or risk getting your friends caught in the middle. Easy choice, my friends mean too much to me.

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