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Fic: Streets of London WARNING *WIP*

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Streets of London (Chpt 4/5?- it looks like it may actually reach 6)
Pairing: Spike(William the Bloody)/Xander
Rating: NC17- eventually… I think, lol
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Beta: staticspinning graciously volunteered to put up with Mys and her psychotic writing process for this. *huge huge hugs*
Warnings/Squicks: severely AU, WIP- yes, I know, Mys doesn’t do WIPs but this is a special circumstance so she’s making an exception.
Summary: .

AN1: Happy Birthday to my lovely kitty_alex!!!!! This is all for you sweety!
AN2: For now, this will only be posted at cobalt_mystic’s LJ and f-locked, once it’s finished it’ll get a proper posting and be unlocked.
AN3: Before ppl get up in arms, Mys knows Pratt is the accepted last name for our William, but Mys has never been able to accept the idea that someone as picked on and put upon as William also had the last name of Pratt- that’s just too cruel. Anyway, Mys gives her William the surname of Huggins, yes, there is a story behind that, no, she is not going to bore the masses with it- anybody that curious can ask, lol.

*********Chapter 4*********

It was near to eleven, when the two men finally exited the gilded doors of the Savoy playhouse. The play had been marvellous, Xander was certain of that, though if asked he would be hard pressed to remember a single scene or spot of dialogue. His attention had been consumed by his companion; the dusky light of the theatre sharpening William’s cheekbones and causing his crystal eyes to glint ethereally in the darkness. Xander could have happily stayed lost in that image for a lifetime.

In the empty street, moonlight shining down, William looked even more beautiful and otherworldly than he ever had. Xander’s eyes caressed the sharp plans of his face, touching the other man the only way he could.

The mortal’s dark eyes were like fire on William’s cold skin. He’d felt it during the play, but outside and alone, the heat seemed magnified in it’s intensity. William relished the night air, he’d enjoyed the performance, but Xander’s presence so close, his scent pungent and alluring, was almost more distraction than he could bear. Here, however, in the crisp autumn air, he could once again think- although, his thought’s were still consumed by the dark eyed mortal at his side.

Xander spoke first. “It was quite good. Thoroughly enjoyable actually.” He hoped the night air concealed the blush he felt creeping through his cheeks.

The warm colour tinting his companion‘s cheeks sent yet another wave of desire through William’s body. “One can generally rely on D’Olye Carte for an entertaining, if not pleasant, evening, though tonight the performance was severely outshone by the company.”

He allowed himself to meet William’s crystal gaze, his breath catching. Swallowing hard, “Truly,” he agreed, almost breathless.

Flagging down a passing coach, William ushered Xander inside. “Give him the address, love.”

In a daze, Xander obediently rattled off the address, too distracted by William’s words and proximity to think. And when slightly chilled fingers lay tenderly upon his, his heart jumped, beating furiously as if it could pound out of his chest.

“Xander?” William caressed the young man’s face. “May I?”

The dark mortal didn’t speak, he merely moved forward, closing the distance between their lips.

The kiss was magical, soft and caring, full of power and fierce emotion, and virtually never-ending.
Too quickly, the carriage came to a halt outside an elegant house on the outskirts of London.

Foreheads and noses rubbed together as Xander breathed hoarsely, “I should go.”

“If you must,” William answered, just as shallowly.

“Father’s likely waiting.”

“’til Thursday?”

The hopefulness in William’s voice lightened Xander’s heart and he leaned in placing a final, chaste kiss on the man’s cheek. “’til Thursday,” he agreed, stepping out of the coach.


William was walking on clouds when he returned to the estate their small brood had taken up residence in. He knew his Dark Princess would be waiting for him, just as he knew she would be put out that he had failed to bring his tasty treat home to share.

What he wasn’t expecting was his pilock of a surrogate Sire to greet him with fists and chains.


He came to chained to a wall. His arms stretched above his head, wrists locked securely in enchanted iron manacles.

“Willie, I thought we had an understanding, we are, after all, family,” Angelus’ tone entirely too merry for his words. “Yet, I come to find out that not only are you neglecting our dear Dru, but you are carousing with the dinner instead.”

William’s eyes widened in shock as the meaning behind Angelus’ words sunk in- he knew about Xander, he knew about their meetings.

“Now, my dear boy, you will tell me exactly who and where this special toy of yours is. It’s not nice to withhold such treats from your elders.”

“No, you won’t touch him!” William snarled. Angelus could do what he liked, he would not give up Xander. The bastard wouldn‘t win, not this time.

“NO? Oh-ho,” he chuckled mirthlessly, “little Willie’s wants to play tough. Well,” he pulled back and punched the younger vampire with all his force causing William’s body to swing like a pendulum across the wall, “I’ve always given my Childer exactly what they want and deserve.”


The bells on the bookshop door jangled merrily as Xander practically bounded through it. The night before had been amazing and wondrous and Xander couldn’t wait to tell his friend, whom he owed it all to.
“Wesley?” he called, when the bookkeeper wasn’t at the shop counter.

“In the backroom, my boy.” Wesley himself had been on veritable pins and needles about the rendezvous he’d thrust his friends into the previous night, which might have something to do with every bit of the shop having been swept, dusted, and reorganized- including the backroom.

Carefully, Xander wound his way around the piles (albeit clean and alphabetized piles, but piles none-the-less) of unshelved books.

The first thing Wesley noticed was Xander’s smile, he hadn’t seen a look like that on the boy in far too long. He couldn’t help but meet the young man’s smile, “It went well, I take it.”

“Better than,” Xander replied, sitting himself on a sturdy looking set of books before expounding on the night’s adventures.


Changes in the darkness around him filtered through William’s swollen eyes, his sensitive hearing caught the creak of the cellar door and the shallow breathing of a living being, “Who’s there?” he slurred.

Footsteps approached him warily, and a soft hand ran over his bruised and bloodied face. “You poor thing.”

William pried his eyes open a bit further, trying to see exactly who or what Angelus had sent him.

The girl was quite lovely, sandy blonde hair that hung lightly, framing a comely face with ancient eyes. The vein in her neck throbbed invitingly, the promise of a full belly and much needed healing lurking just beneath the surface of tender flesh.

Unconsciously, William’s human guise gave way to his demon face causing the girl to gasp aloud.

“You’re one of them,” she whispered.

“From time to time,” he answered, pulling away from the girl who was meant to be a healing meal, “but not today.”

The girl tipped her head, “Why did he do this?”

William snorted, “Because he can. Because I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.” The bloodied vampire tried to smile through his wounds, “I wouldn’t give him my boy.” With the fleeting thought that at least Xander was safe, William passed out.
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