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Fic: Letters Of... (19, 20, & 21/27)

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Letters of…
Chapter: …Conspiracy (19/27), …Consequence (20/27), …Reunion (21/27)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG, PG, PG-13
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Warnings/Squicks: Beware Mys’ bad writing, excessive use of alliteration, wanton use of the term "Xanpet" (though I’d stake Spike before he actually said it out loud, he and my 3rd person omnipotent think it a lot), character death (but it’s canon stuff, none of my own doing)
Summary: Take a witch, a Spike, a Xander and mix well. Add some angst, some schmoop, some sex, an apocalypse, a wee bit more angst, another helping or two of sex, and a sprinkling of bad humour. Bake for 7-8 months at @96.8 degrees (because some of us have naturally lower body temperatures than the rest of you human weirdos, lol).

…Conspiracy (19/27)

It was another nightmare, or rather the same one again. There was a flash and he didn’t scream. He didn’t scream because the flash which had always been a burning searing thing had become soft and warming tinged with a distinctive fiery green. “Alyssa,” slipped past Xander’s lips in a whisper.

“Alexander,” she smiled and peace filled him. “Soon love, you belong together. I did not abandon him- I did what I must.” Emerald tears seeped from her burning eyes and she lovingly kissed Xander’s missing eye. “I’m sorry my loves.”

There was a flash and twin screams ripped through the night air.


Half a world away a package was being delivered.


“I’m sorry Willow but I don’t see the justification, let alone need for such a risk.”

“Xander needs it. What more justification do you need?”

“A solid reason might be a good start. I can’t in good conscience send Xander to Angel, not with him running that ‘lawfirm’.”

“He wouldn’t let anything happen to Xander, he promised Spike, and you know how Angel is about clan things.”

“Yes, well.” Giles removed his glasses and laid them on his desk, he wasn’t quite stressed enough to start polishing them yet, but it was a close thing. “You know why Angel is so insistant?”

A nod.

“You’re unwilling to tell me?”

“I promised.”

“This is that important to you, that you are willing to risk Xander.”

The small redhead nodded her head fiercely sending her hair flying, “Yes, yes, absolutely, without hesitation, no question.”

Giles sighed deeply before reaching for his glasses, “I suppose I’ll have to trust your judgement.”

Willow practically bounced into Giles’ lap, “Oh, thank you, Giles. I promise this is the right thing to do.”

“Yes, well, we shall see. You’ll handle the arrangements?”


When Xander awoke he was short of breath and disoriented. Somewhere a phone was ringing. His phone; the caller id proclaimed it was Willow. He looked at the small device as if it had grown legs, he blinked, he looked around the decrepit room, he ran his hand over his scarred eye, *”I’m sorry my loves”* and answered the phone.

“Xander! Are you alright?”

Shakily, “Yeah, Wills, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, Angel called and he was being all obsessive protecto-vamp, says he needs you in L.A. You sure you’re okay, Xan?”

“Yeah, just, um, my eye…”

“Oh, sweety, it’s hurting again? I could fix you some…”

“No Wills it’s not that… I seem to have both of them.”

“Goddess,” Xander could almost see the small hand fly to cover her mouth as she spoke.


Twelve hours and 10,000 miles later a disheveled and road weary Xander Harris made his way through the busy LAX terminals. Willow had said one of the LA gang would meet him and take him to his hotel; he only prayed it wasn’t Angel, he really wasn’t in the mood for Mr. Broody.


“Wes, thank the gods.”

They greeted each other with handshakes and pats on the back- like old war buddies.

“It’s good to see you. You look good.”

“Hmph. Wes, if this is good you really need to get out more.”

The drive to the hotel was a relatively short one, even with the stop at Micky D’s, Wes filled Xander in on the status of the LA crew- most of it at any rate- and Xander assured him that the remanants of the Scoobies were doing well. Xander had asked a few times why Angel wanted him there, but Wesley always offered some nonspecific nonanswer.

The former Watcher helped Xander get checked in and into his room before asking, “When should I pick you up?”

Xander looked confused, “I thought this was some big emergency- what with the rush to get me here.”

“Well time-sensitive might be a better way to put it. And we didn’t want to pressure you after such a long trip.”

“If it involves meeting with the Sultan of Sulk then the sooner it’s over with the better. How ‘bout I grab a quick shower and we get this done?”

“Of course. I’ll call Angel and let him know.”

Within the hour, Xander was fighting sleep in Angel’s plush office waiting the vamp’s arrival.


“Alright Peaches, what gives? Ya say ya need my help- which in and of itself should have me worried- then come to find it don’t even involve killing or fighting and now we’re here at demons’R’us. What exactly is it you want from me?”

*Someone owes me for this.* “I need you to talk to someone.”

“Talk. Peaches talking’s your gig, not mine. Ya do remember which of us is which, yeah?”

“Trust me on this Spike, they’ll respond to you much better than me.”

Spike quirked his eye at his Grandsire, he had to be up to something; the younger vamp just didn’t know what.

As they approached his office door, Angel quickly added, “I think this will go better if I stay out of it. I’ll be in Wes’ office if you need anything.”

“Bloody brooding git’s finally gone ‘round the u,” he muttered as he watched Angel’s retreating form.

When Spike opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit office, the smell and sight that hit him brought him to his knees. “Xander,” he whispered the name as one would a blessing or a sacriment.

…Consequence (20/27)

Thoughts and feelings flooded Spike’s mind and soul. His Xander. His precious Xander. The man he thought he’d never see again. The one person in the world he wanted to be with more than life. His Xanpet. Here. In Angel’s office. He could kiss the ponce, though he’d rather kiss Xander.
Gathering his wits and pulling himself together he went to the sleeping form. He looked tired. Judging by the circles under his eyes his Xanpet hadn’t been sleeping well. No way in hell was he going to wake him, so Spike did what he’d done so often in Sunnydale a lifetime ago. He watched as Xander slept.
He listened to his breathing and the steady strum of his heart.
He watched as he entered REM.
He heard his breath become irregular and his pulse race.
Before the nightmare took over, Spike had Xander in his arms and was carrying him to Angel’s black leather couch. Settling himself with Xander in his arms he whispered soothing words and ran pale fingers throught the dark locks of the man he loved so much. Eventually, Xander’s breath and heartbeat evened out once again, lulling Spike into a warm sleep wrapped around his love.

Xander felt safe and happy, he was dreaming about Spike. Not his usual nightmares either, this was a proper dream. Spike was holding him the way he always did after one of Xander’s nightmares. He didn’t want to wake-up, the dream was too nice; he swore he could hear the low rumble of Spike purring and if he concentrated he could feel it radiating through his body, too. He could even smell the familiar aroma of nicotine and leather- although the leather was probably from Angel’s office, his sleepy brain helpfully supplied. *Angel’s office!!!* His heart jumpstarted when that thought registered.

And it almost stopped when a familiar British voice soothed, “Shh, ‘s ok luv, back to sleep with you,” as strong arms held Xander tighter and cool lips kissed his forehead.

Xander forced his eyes open and his body up. “Spike?” He stared at the dead man for a moment before launching himself back onto Spike’s lap and kissing him as if the fate of the world depended on it.

The kiss began as a frantic needy thing but quickly transformed into a soft passionate reclaiming; their arms wrapping around each other as both men assured themselves the other was real.

“You’re dead…”

“Yeah, part of being a vamp, Pet.” Spike smiled softly and cupped Xander’s cheek running his thumb over the once marred skin surrounding his left eye, “and you’ve got both eyes.”

Leaning into Spike’s touch, “Alyssa… she said she was sorry… I thought she meant you, but you’re here, real.”

“In the flesh, luv.”

Xander nuzzled into Spike’s neck, “Thought I’d lost you.”

Wrapping his arms possessively around Xander he whispered, “Never again, luv, promise.”

Pulling back enough to look into crystal blue eyes, he saw love and misery and fear there; emotions he knew were mirrored in his own. Xander ran his hand over the cool skin of his love’s cheek stopping to caress his lips with his thumb. “I love you, Spike. You know that don’t you?”

Spike turned his head slightly to kiss Xander’s palm. “I know, Pet, I love you, too.”

Letting out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, Xander nuzzled back into Spike’s neck muttering, “My vamp, not letting you outta my sight for the foreseeable future.”

Chortling, Spike murmured, “Whatever you say, Pet, whatever you say.”

There was a soft knock at the door, but both men ignored it.

Stepping into his office, Angel took in the tableau before him. Speaking softly, “Guys, I hate to interupt the moment, but I could use my office back.”

Spike’s “Sod off, Peaches,” was delivered without taking his eyes from his Xander.

Xander on the other hand was feeling a bit more gracious, “Come on Spike, he gave you back to me, least we can do is give him back his office.”

“S’pose you’re right.” He leaned into Xander’s ear and whispered, “’sides better places for what I wanta show you, Pet.”

“I can have Wes drive you two home.” Angel added quickly as a fresh wave of pheromones assailed his senses.

…Reunion (21/27)

The trip back to Xander’s hotel was hazy at best, both man and vamp desperately trying not to ravage the other while at the same time attempting mutual tonsillectomies. By the time Wesley had pulled into the parking area both men were flushed and breathless (so much for vamp physiology).

Spike quickly took in his surroundings and a thought struck him- ’what kind of place had valets and decked out lobby in the underground carpark?’ He turned his questioning gaze to the ex-Watcher quirking his eye and tilting his head towards the hotel.

Wesley merely smiled and nodded.

*Damn gonna have to be nice to the Poof now… for a few minutes anyway.*

Taking his vamp’s hand, Xander thanked Wesley for what seemed like the hundreth time and the two disappeared into the hotel.

As they passed the large mahogany check-in desk an officious man in something one step shy of full evening-wear came scurrying after them.
“Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris, sir. Ah, um, I’m terribly sorry about this but there was a mix-up with your booking.”

The man’s announcement was met with twin scowls and while one pair of eyes flashed between intense blue and demonic gold it was the penetrating pools of brown that convinced him he was about to be eaten or at the very least maimed by their owner.

Truth was that Xander had Spike back and he could care less about bookings- he’d sleep in the sewers if it meant he’d be with his vamp.

“We didn’t realize the nature of your stay until Mr. Angel corrected our oversight. We took the liberty of having your belongings moved to the new suite.” The consierge looked nervously between the two men as he held out two new keycards.

Fun as tormenting this man was, Spike had much more entertaining things he wanted to be doing- namely his Xanpet. Snatching the cards, he offered a terse, “Ta, mate,” and drug Xander into the nearest lift.

Once the doors to the elevator closed, Spike found himself pressed against the wall by a very intent Xander plundering his mouth.
Not that Spike minded; he wanted nothing more than to strip his Pet and kiss, lick, and nibble every inch of his body, to feel him pressed to him, skin to skin, letting his love’s warmth seep into him searing him like a brand.

They were barely inside the room before clothes were being removed. Hands working on instinct quickly divested their targets of the offending fabrics until, finally, their bodies met with no barriers to their flesh.

Spike nuzzled and licked at Xander’s mark, causing his human to shudder pushing swollen needy cocks harder against each other as they revelled in the shock of hot to cool that intensified the pleasure shooting through their bodies.

Neither man nor vamp was going to last, they had needed each other and this release for far too long.

A breathless, “Please,” escaped Xander’s kiss swollen lips.

Instantly, Spike’s demon came to the fore- his love, his intended Mate, his Claimed had called for him.

At the feel of razor sharp fangs sensually burrowing into their mark, Xander let out a strangled moan and came violently.

As it was, the shear intensity of reaffirming his Claim, of tasting Xander’s sweet warm blood, was enough to send him over the edge, but adding Xander’s orgasming flesh and hot cum coating his own abdomen and cock sent the vamp into a torrent of ecstasy.

They collapsed were they stood, a pile of sated flesh huddled on the floor amid discarded clothing.
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