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Fic: Letters Of... (25, 26, & 27/27)

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Letters of…
Chapter: …Unification, Pt 1 Mating (25/27), …Unification, Pt 2 Ritual (26/27), Epilogue (27/27)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R, R, PG
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Warnings/Squicks: Beware Mys’ bad writing, excessive use of alliteration, wanton use of the term "Xanpet" (though I’d stake Spike before he actually said it out loud, he and my 3rd person omnipotent think it a lot), character death (but it’s canon stuff, none of my own doing)
Summary: Take a witch, a Spike, a Xander and mix well. Add some angst, some schmoop, some sex, an apocalypse, a wee bit more angst, another helping or two of sex, and a sprinkling of bad humour. Bake for 7-8 months at @96.8 degrees (because some of us have naturally lower body temperatures than the rest of you human weirdos, lol).

Pt 1 Mating (25/27)

Of course Spike noticed when his Grandsire returned, but his exploration of his Xanpet’s tanned skin never faultered. He merely buried his face in Xander’s tangle of hair whispering, “He’s back, luv.”

Spike felt Xander tense in his embrace. They’d talked about the Mating ritual in detail before Sunnydale fell. And Xander knew that in a ‘normal’ vampire clan the Childe was expected to offer it’s Mate to their Sire and often the Sire was an ‘active’ participant in the ritual. Spike had told the boy in no uncertain terms that he would never allow Angel to touch him and that the ritual only required the Sire’s blood to be willingly given.

“’s ok Treasure, Gramps is jus’ getting an eyeful,” but his love wasn’t relaxing. He rested his lips against Xander’s ear and breathily whispered, “Want to be distracted, luv?”

A moan and a small nod were his response.

Smiling salaciously, the vamp traced his cool tongue along the mortal’s ear as his fingers pinched and tugged Xander’s dusky nipples.

Xander pressed into the cool body behind him, happily losing himself in Spike’s touch.

As Spike trailed kisses down his ear and jaw, Xander turned into him and captured his lips. Taking advantage of the new position, Xander cupped and pressed the enticing buldge in his lover’s pants causing the vampire to hiss into his mouth.

Spike thrust up into the warm hand, and, using the momentum, flipped Xander onto his back- somehow managing not to break their kiss or Xander’s wrist in the process.

Expertly, Xander’s hands worked the buttons of Spike’s jeans. Quickly opening the fly, he slid his hands down to cup Spike’s bare ass.

Moaning at the exquisite pain of his exposed erection grinding into Xander’s denim clad one, Spike fought to keep his wits about him- this was their Mating which meant he had to keep control, at least now, in the beginning. To that end, Spike quickly shucked his jeans and went to work on his mate’s. Once the offending material was gone, Spike returned to the slow perusal of his lover’s body allowing his hands to follow well-known paths over the sun darkened flesh. The sensual meandering slowed as talented fingers teased and caressed his opening. Spike knew Xander would still be stretched and ready from their earlier love-making, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take the opportunity to watch his lover writhe and impale himself on his fingers.

All too soon the rhythmic pumping of Spike’s fingers stilled and a desire roughened voice spoke, “Xan, luv…”

Before he could finish Xander opened his eyes to stare wantonly at his lover. “Gods you’re beautiful,” he whispered as his hand traced the prominent planes and ridges of his lover’s demon face. Xander canted his hips and wrapped his powerful legs around the vampire, “Want you, now.”

Spike quickly slicked and aligned himself with his love’s waiting hole. Then with one steady thrust he was sheathed to the hilt by tight fluttering heat. He let out a gaspy, moaning, and utterly sexual sound as his forehead pressed into Xander’s- Gods how could he explain. This… this was perfection. It was love. Acceptance. Need. Want. Desire. Everything. And it was his. It was filling him just as he was filling Xander.

A warm hand cupped his face, and warmer words filtered to his hearing, “My beautiful demon. I love you.”

Then they were kissing again, Spike’s slender hips gently pistoning into his lover’s heat while Xander’s hands raked possessively over his back.
Working his arms securely around his Xanpet, he once again rolled them, switching their position so that his gorgeous loving human was now riding him.
For long moments they stayed there kissing and slowly rocking into each other before Xander forced himself up, panting for air.

Pale hands pulled his hips down slowly as a sultry voice growled, “Mine?”

Xander was breathless, Spike was filling him, not so much taking him as wanting him. Staring into the golden eyes of his lover, he replied, “Yours.” Then, lifting himself so that only the head of Spike’s cock was inside him, Xander whispered his own question, “Mine?”

For an instant, Spike’s eyes faded into their human blue as he answered with absolute conviction, “For eternity.”

No sooner had the words left Spike’s mouth then Xander slammed himself down on his Mate burying the vampire’s shaft impossibly deeper.

They both realized the implication of those five words. While a vampire taking a willing human Mate was rare, it was unheard of for a Master Vampire to be Claimed by a human- let alone both.

Spike pulled his lover to him and they fell into a hypnotic rhythm.
Each thrust equally met, each kiss devoured by another, each touch, each caress finding it’s mate. Their bodies moving in such tandem that it was difficult to make out where one began and the other ended they were in such complete unity. This was their Union, their Mating, their Bond.

Pt 2 Ritual (26/27)

Angel caught his Childe’s eye, wordlessly indicating it was time for his contribution. As the older vamp moved silently to the edge of the bed he rolled up his sleeve and tore into his forearm.

Grabbing Xander’s hand, Spike entwined their fingers and, as Angel proffered his bloodied arm to the pair, Spike, in turn, presented their wrists to his Sire.

Childe and Mate each dutifully drew and swallowed a mouthful of the intense blood.

Angel followed suit, first biting Xander’s wrist then Spike’s, allowing their blood to mix on his palate. The long-lost, yet unforgettable taste of his Childe mixed with the spicy innocence of this mortal who had seen and lost so much in the few years he had known him. Once he swallowed the euphoric combination, Angel licked their wrist wounds closed, while the two drew a final mouthful of his own Sire’s Blood. Softly, the vamp eased his arm from between the them. Smiling over them he whispered, “You have my blessing,” then faded back into the shadows once again.

With the elder vamp’s blood still painting their lips, teeth, and tongues, the lovers hungrily dove for their Claiming marks, or in Xander’s case, the familiar patch of perfect skin he longed to be able to permanently scar. At first they kissed and laved their chosen flesh, as their bodies moved to a hidden tempo set by the metronomic pulse of the blood rushing through Xander’s veins. As his heart rate increased so did the intensity of their love-making. Kissing turned to suckling, which gave way to biting- The Biting.

Blunt human teeth drove smoothly into the flesh they so often struggled to pierce, just as razor-like fangs slipped sensuously into heated human flesh.
Xander marvelled at the ease of the bite and the effortless way his lover’s blood flowed into his mouth. Blood which he greedily gulped down.

Spike felt his skin tingle where Xander’s teeth sunk into him and felt every pull on his blood with a keenness he’d never known. Both sensations seemed to increase ten-fold with every swallow of blood, and suddenly he knew this was how his lover felt each time they renewed the Claim. It was that realization, that knowledge which triggered the vamp’s tumble into ecstasy.

Their final draughts were deep and for the first time both men could taste and feel themselves in their Mate’s blood. Matching and merging emotions of love, contentment, and need consumed them combining to create a blinding euphoria culminating in an explosion of ecstasy as man and vamp came in unison- emotionally, physically, and spiritually one.

As they calmed from the unimaginably intense high, Spike withdrew his fangs to kiss and nuzzle his mark. Mimicing his Mate’s move, Xander released his clamp on Spike’s flesh and allowed his body to go lax, blanketing the vampire beneath him.

Slowly, gently their mouths met in a kiss that seemed to transcend time and tenderness.

When they ended the kiss…

…Xander found himself adrift in a shimmering saphire sea, but he wasn’t drowning or lost- he was home. And as the waves crashed upon the rock shore of his mind they spoke to him of love, desire, happiness, and truth, even as a strong clear voice told him, “I love you, Xander. You’re mine forever.”

…Spike found himself engulfed in a coffee coloured cavern, but he wasn’t dead(er) or trapped- he was home. And as the wind shifted throught the cavern of his mind it spoke to him of love, desire, happiness, and truth, even as his own voice declared, “I love you, Xander. You’re mine forever.”

Finding his voice, Xander finally spoke, “And you’re mine for just as long.”

Epilogue (27/27)

The house was magnificent, there was no other word for it. It was three stories of Victorian elegance complete with fireplaces in all the main rooms, a library to make Gile’s envious, every window and pane was made of that amazing necro-tempered glass, and then there was the Widow’s Walk and the view from it- breath-taking. They had lived in the house for a few months now and still the opulence and care put into it shocked him, but the Scoobies had insisted- something about it being the first ‘happily ever-after’. And wasn’t that a novel concept?

Xander made his way through the large master-bedroom, his eyes falling on the carefully made bed. It was a huge four-poster monstrosity with beautifully carved engravings decorating the posts and frame. He’d asked Willow, and yes, many of the engravings were protection wards and some were more specialized spells- the kind that made Willow blush so hot he could feel it through the phone. That was one of the things he loved about his Wills, she had the power to save and destroy the world at her finger tips, but her best and oldest friend’s sex-life had her as red as her fiery hair.
Shaking his head at the thought, he absently ran his hand over the familiar bed linens. These were their bed linens- the ones from their Mating. He often wondered if Angel gave them as a gesture of goodwill or because having the reminder around gave the broody vamp mucho wiggins. It really didn’t matter why Angel had done it, since the linens did mean something him and Spike.
As he approached the French doors he could make out his vamp’s silhouette against the night sky. Sliding up behind his lover, “Hey Beautiful. Thought I might find you out here.”

Strong arms wrapped around his slender waist and he leaned back into the warmth of the man he loved. “How’s that, then?” He asked, rolling his head to suckle Xander’s pulse point.

With shaky breath, *damn vamp knows what that does to me* “’cause whatever you may be, you’re a creature of the night- wild and fierce. ‘s not natural for you to stay inside.”

Spike pulled away from Xander’s inviting neck to gaze into his deep soulful eyes. *When did my boy grow up?*

Xander just smiled and kissed his love possessively. “You miss her, don’t you.” It was more staement than question. Hells, he missed her, missed knowing that, no matter what, his vamp was never truly alone.

“Xan, you don’t think she …took my place, do you?”

Sighing softly, “Spike, you can’t think like that.” He held his vamp closer, “She loved you. And, no, I don’t think she took your place.” Xander kissed Spike’s temple, nuzzling his soft pre-gel hair. *But I know she would’ve if she had to… I know because I would have, too.* “Now come on, there’s violence to be had and innocents to save and sex to indulge in when we get home!”

Chuckling, Spike smiled wickedly, “We’re already home, Pet.”
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