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Fic: Hours of Forever, Pt3 Seemed Like Forever

Author: cobalt_mystic
Title: Hours of Forever
Chapter: Seemed Like Forever
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Ohhh, this one might actually hit R, though IMO it's more like a PG-13
Feedback: Feel free, just don’t hurt me, k.

Seemed Like Forever

That was the last night either man would spend alone for quite some time.
It would be a hideous understatement to say that those first few minutes between Spike and Xander were anything but awkward. Two proud men with histories of broken and trampled hearts trying to come to terms with being wanted by the one they longed for.
Eventually, they found their way and by the following morning, they were curled together, arms tightly wrapped around each other, snuggling on that blasted couch.


Almost five weeks had passed, Buffy and co were being all but overrun by Potentials and the pre-apocalyptic portents were proliferant. But today none of that mattered to Spike and Xander. Today marked one month since that fateful kiss. Today marked one month of not feeling alone. Today marked one month of being together. Today marked one month of feeling whole.

When Xander got home, he barely had time to get the door closed before Spike pounced.
Skilful hands, blessed with preternatural speed divested him of his jacket and the bags of food and blood he carried, while an equally skilful mouth divested him of breath, speech, and coherent thought.
“Mmmm, missed you,” the vampire purred, nuzzling and scenting his Xander. He loved how Xander smelled. It was something he discovered shortly after their relationship took it’s current turn. His Xander had a base smell that was earthy and spoke of safety and home and family. Then he had a myriad of secondary smells- his emotions, smells from the site, from patrol, from other humans- which ran like a story waiting, begging to be read.
“Missed you, too,” Xander managed before his voice was lost once again in the battle of lips and tongues.
Like everything else about the vampire, his kisses were intense; they were complete, overwhelming, encompassing, taking everything and giving more. His cool tongue would caress and hold, taste and lick, never forgetting to make you feel. And when he was gentle, gods. His languid sensual thrusts and curls of tongue were like being worshipped, not merely worshipped, but worshipped by a god. Being with Spike made Xander understand the depths of ‘being kissed stupid‘. Xander was sometimes extremely thankful that he had to breath, otherwise he thought he’d go through life in a daze of cool tongue, soft lips, and hard body pressed to his. It was far from an unpleasant concept, but he and his vampire had people who counted on them.
Finally, Spike tore himself away from his lovely, hot human. He snatched up the bags Xander had brought and headed for the kitchen.
By the time Xander had control of his faculties again, Spike had already set out their dinner and heated a nice bag of O pos. “You just like having that kind of power over me, don’t you?”
“You know it, pet. Now sit yourself down so we can eat.” Spike’s smile was lecherous as ever and his eyes sparkled with impish mischief. “I, for one, am anxious to get to dessert.” The vamp threw in a suggestive eyebrow wiggle for good measure.
The mortal laughed happily, even as he found himself torn between hoping that tonight they would become lovers in more than name and terrified of that self same desire.
Ever aware of his love’s scent, Spike gently took Xander’s hand, “Only what you want, pet.”
Xander squeezed the hand holding his and smiled. *Evil bastard, always knows what to say. And when to say it.*

Dinner passed quickly, neither man speaking much. Both anticipating the evening to come.
As the last of the dishes slid into the sink, Spike slid his arms around Xander, pulling him close to rub his face into Xander’s neck.
The young mortal relaxed into Spike’s strong form, allowing his head to loll against the vampire’s shoulder. The words came unbidden and all the more truthful for it, “I love you, Spike.”
His body tensed at his own words, just as his lover’s did at hearing them.
Neither man attempted to moved away and slowly cool lips traced over hot pulsing flesh, teeth nipping at the jaw-line and ear.
Xander moaned and turned in Spike’s embrace, so his own arms could snake around the vampire’s waist. “I’m…”
“Shh,” Spike interrupted. “Unless you didn’t mean it, I don’t want to hear that. Alright, luv?”
He didn’t speak, only nodded.
“Good, ‘cause I love you, too.”
As they kissed, they led each other to the bedroom, shedding clothes as they went, until, they lay together, naked, on the bed, kissing and petting each other.
Soft words flowed from tender lips, “Tell me what you want, pet.”
His voice trembled with his reply, “I… I… don’t know.”
Spike caressed his soon-to-be-lover’s bare leg slowly. “Yes, you do,” he purred. “You’re just afraid to admit it. Now tell me.” He leaned in so his breath tickled the young man’s ear, “Tell me your deepest desires. Tell me the secret wishes you won’t even tell yourself. Tell me Xander. Tell me.”
The vampire’s voice was hypnotic, he couldn’t resist the sensual need and strength of it. Closing his eyes, he made himself speak, quietly, “Touch me.”
“How? Where?” The questions flitted breathily on the air like feathers sailing leisurely on the wind.
“Everywhere,” Xander pleaded.
Spike waited, he knew Xander would tell him; it was simply a matter of time.
Sooner than the vampire expected, in a voice barely above a whisper, “…want to feel you …touching me …your hands running all over my body.” Once they had started, the words seemed to escape with a will of their own. “…caressing from my head to my toes, tickling, covering every inch of flesh. I want you to tease me, play with me, kiss and lick every place that makes me jump and then do it again. I want to feel you inside me, on me, feeling me.” Xander was all but sobbing with the emotional release flooding from him. “That’s what I want; I want you to touch me in everyway imaginable… please.”
Petting his boy’s face, he gently wiped tears from the flushed cheeks, Spike smiled, “Thank you.”
A muted, “Why?” escaped between Xander’s sobs.
“For trusting me. It’s the greatest gift.”
Xander managed a smile as the words warmed his being, relaxing him more than he thought possible. This was love.

--------- --------- ---------

Yes, there is more to be done with this story, but it will be a follow-up- assuming it actually decides to come out of my head.
Hey, look on the bright side it already has a title (Another Future) and at least 3 major plot(ish) points marked and claimed! *g* Who knows I might even mangage to let the boys have GRAPHIC sex.
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